Long time no talk?

Hi friends, I am currently sitting in calc class not wanting to pay attention so why not write a blog post since I haven’t in a while am I right?? Anyways, finals week is almost upon us but first I have a huge engineering project due tomorrow/Thursday and I’m dead. Stay tuned for an update … Continue reading Long time no talk?

RouND 2

Hello, friends!! Carol’s post inspired me to write one, too, so here is an update on my life! Yesterday was game day against Michigan State. We lost (which means there is now no chance of making playoffs) but it was still fun. We started off by “floating”, which means we ran through the reflection pool … Continue reading RouND 2

RouND 1

Hello from South Bend, my lovely friends! First of all, I miss you all tons. It is weird not having my people around, but I am slowly but surely getting used to it. We finished our first week of classes and I am already swamped with homework, but everyone is so it’s okay. I really … Continue reading RouND 1