I probably have too much free time (but honestly I’m not complaining)

3 thoughts on “I probably have too much free time (but honestly I’m not complaining)”

  1. “I laughed, I cried, I got some really legit old stamps” hahaha Carol I got such a kick out of reading this before my 7:30 this morning. I kept laughing and grinning and I’m pretty sure my teacher thought I was insane. I’ve got to say, I’m a little salty about the facetiming comment seeing as you were the one who bailed this weekend…BUT no one’s saying anything 😉 SO glad you’re having a fantastic time. And I’m glad Ashley is excited to see you for thanksgiving–maybe you’ll have some good old fashioned Lund bonding time.


    1. You know what Laura I apologized for Sunday and it wasn’t my fault okay. Haha I’m glad this amused you though, have a good day 😄


  2. CAROL! It was so nice talking to you on the phone and it really helped me reel everything back into reality. Anywho, I am glad to hear that CUA is so amazing! I’m a tad jealous of all the fun stuff you are doing!! OMG IF THAT BLACK SPOT COMES BACK. And I would have seriously had a great time at that stamp museum. I would have freaking loved it and now I want to go!! I miss you gal pal and I hope everything is amazing! I’ll try to make another scarf over the holiday for you! Love you!


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