Mental Breakdown 

2 thoughts on “Mental Breakdown ”

  1. Yooo everything is going to be ok. The people in you’re hall probs don’t hate you and just weren’t the group you were meant to hang with and/or are stupid because you’re great. The roommate thing kinda sucks and its annoying to have someone always in your space and to not be alone in your room…maybe talk to your roommate about it but keep in mind its his room and his space too. Also only 61 days until Christmas break (for me at least I don’t know your schedule but I’m assuming its about the same) and even less until Thanksgiving so push through. Hope your week gets better!


  2. Don’t freak out my friend! It all passes eventually…just take it day by day. Tell your roommate to get his boy-toy out of the room and give you your space—you’re entitled to that. Tell your mind to stop caring about what your probably unjustifiably upset floormates think. And as far as homesickness goes…I think we’ve all got a good deal of that right now my friend! It’s not a fun place to be, especially when you’re dealing with all the stresses you have right now. But if it’s any help, someone once told me that as Christians we don’t ever have to be homesick, because Christ is our home and He is always in our heart…therefore we’re always home 🙂 I love you Justin! If you need to ever vent at whatever outrageous hour of the day just give me a call.


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