SOS Midterms Week Sucks

3 thoughts on “SOS Midterms Week Sucks”

  1. I have complete and total faith that you can not only get through this week but do better than just pass. I’m sorry you’re so stressed but I hope you have so much fun partying and going home when you’re done! You’re totally killing the game. Good luck gal miss you!!
    p.s. sharing songs with you actually made me so happy and even if all the ones I gave you were terrible its ok because you gave me a song that I now listen to all the time so it worked out for one of us **attempts act out the crying/laughing emoji with hands and facial expression like that one time when we got coffee**


    1. HAHAHA p.s. I loved sharing songs my new fall playlist now consists of 75% Carol songs but it’s okay bc they are good !! I am sitting in calc rn & almost laughed out loud at your last comment, miss you!!!


  2. Ah Allison I miss you SO much! I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough time with classes 😦 But hey, it’s just a testament to the quality education you’re getting 🙂 And it sounds like you’re having your fair share of fun too haha In terms of staying awake, I should hook you up with some chocolate covered espresso beans–they do the trick for me when I’m powering through exam weeks.


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