RouND 2

4 thoughts on “RouND 2”

  1. Allison it sounds like you have many great memories so far! Sorry about that girl who got too drunk and ruined your football game, but I think it speaks highly of your character to leave a football game to help out a friend! I miss you so much and continue having a fun time at ND 🙂 say hi to Will for me ;)!! love and miss you 💚


  2. Heygirlhey! Good to know I was an inspiration for you to post…hopefully others will post some more as well! Found you in the picture of your dorm! So cute and great to see you’re in a fun dorm. Its mine turn to take a page from your book and find a study group too although my classes don’t sound as difficult as yours (but then again I’m also not as smart as you.) Miss you and will talk to you soon!


    1. Carol savage as usual ❤ Yes def a fun dorm! Stop that you are a genius––miss you!! I'll have to make a trip over to DC soon 😉


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