College is Great…Purdon’t You Know It?

4 thoughts on “College is Great…Purdon’t You Know It?”

  1. Yay Laura!! So glad you are having a great time! As for the rain, I KNOW. It was sunny out this morning, but as I left my second class it was POURING & I was stuck without a raincoat (because who would grab a raincoat if it is sunny out???). Anyways, I am so so glad you are happy at Purdue and I also really appreciated the photo of Ruby hiding in the basement :). Finally, I can’t wait to watch your face as the IRISH beat Purdue :)))) ! See you soon, gal– MISS YOU but I am so glad to know you are enjoying yourself.


    1. OH also, maybe the bike-in-tree situation is an Indiana thing–we’ve seen multiple here too & we think it is the funniest/weirdest thing!


  2. I could totally hear your voice the whole time I was reading this which makes me happy. So glad you’re loving Purdue! It literally sounds like the perfect place for you (not that I was worried about you because I know you’d find your place at any school you went to). Miss you!


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